Acting, humor and seriousness

Acting with Alfredo Sanzol

Fact Sheet

Director: Alfredo Sanzol
Dates: October, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th
Schedule: 9h to 15h
Price: 425€
People: 20
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About the director

Alfredo Sanzol (Madrid-Pamplona 1972) is an author and stage director. Among his most important productions we find La Respiración [The Breathing] (2016 Lazona and Teatro de la Abadía) La Calma Mágica [The Magic Stillness] (2014 Tanttaka and Centro Dramático Nacional) Esperando a Godot [Waiting for Godot] (2013 Centro Dramático Nacional) Aventura! [Adventure!] (2012 T de Teatre and Teatre Lliure) La importancia de llamarse Ernesto [The Importance of Being Earnest] (2012 Teatro Gayarre), En la Luna [On the Moon](2011 Teatro de la Abadía. Max Award to the Best Show 2013 and Ceres Award in Festival de Mérida) Días Estupendos [Wonderful Days] (2010 Lazona and Centro Dramático Nacional Max Award to Best Author), Delicadas [Delicate] (2009 T de Teatre and Festival Grec Max Award to Best Author), La cabeza del Bautista [The Baptist’s Head] (2009 Centro Dramático Nacional) Sí, pero no lo soy [Yes, but I am not] (2008 Centro Dramático Nacional), Risas y Destrucción [Laughter and Destruction] (2007 Producciones del Callao) and Como los griegos [Like the Greek] (1999 RESAD and Producciones del Callao) He has taught in courses and workshops in La Casa de América, La Casa Encendida, Teatro Nacional de Bogotá, Matadero-Madrid, Sala Beckett, La Térmica, Escuela Navarra de Teatro, Sociedad General de Autores, Festival de Teatro Clásico de Olite and Centro Dramático Nacional.

Acting, humor and seriousness

The aim of the workshop is to know the creative world of the author and director, working with scenes from his plays and staging them as he would in one of his rehearsals. Thus, the actor can train his own tools as the teacher suggests how to use his.

The work is addresse to strenghthen the confidence and the commitment with the particular talents of each actor as the main source of the creativity.